About me


My creative journey started when I was 8. It was one rainy Sunday on a family drive through a jarrah forest and, having been inspired by The Man From Snowy River, wrote and illustrated my first poem. From that moment of completion, I was hooked! This was my passion and I have been driven by it ever since.

Art and design has always been an essential part of who I am. I come from a family of artists who valued the written word and appreciated the power they could have to tell stories from musical theatre to picture book classics. We marvelled together at words and beautifully turned phrases, even writing together just for the joy of it. My love for textiles came from my mother who taught me to sew from an early age. My obsession with watercolour paint was inspired by my father.


Working with textile art and design is always a sensual experience for me. I love the texture of the fabric and embroidery and the riot of colour and patterns I can create. I usually end up on the floor surrounded by cats and scraps of fabric, as I fussy cut and layer each piece to create a specific colour palette or mood. My cats also frequently end up in my work!

However, working with watercolour paint, with its neatly ordered palette and the delight of strong paper, creates unexpected alchemy in its blended beauty. On painting days you’ll find me with a mug of Earl Grey under my desk light, revelling in my Daniel Smith colours and endlessly fascinated by the delicate transparency and the serendipity of watercolour.


I have always been a Perth based West Australian artist. I grew up in beautiful Safety Bay with its rugged limestone coastline where visiting with seals, penguins, dolphins, stingrays and a multitude of sea birds was a part of daily life. I’m also lucky enough to have the West Australian South West on my doorstep, which is an abundant source of inspiration from ancient forest to unspoilt coastline, regardless of the season, though winter is my favourite.

My art is always inspired by the little things and the simple moments that bring a smile to my face, whether it's watching my cat sleep, following clouds across the sky or hatching butterflies. I'm always looking for moments to be true to self, quiet humour and feel good vibes, quite literally chasing the joy! 🙂

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