How To Host A School Writing Competition

by Monique Taylor
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You host it and I will donate the prizes for FREE!

When I was in school I never needed a reason to write. Wherever I was, I’d always have my notebook and would always be thinking about the next thing I planned to put on paper. Yes… I was that kid!

Whether your students are the kind who refuse to part with their notebook, or if they just need a nudge and an opportunity; a writing competition can be the inspiration they need and I’ve made it easy for you, complete with donated prizes!

This is my FREE gift to all inspiring teachers!


First, get the Write Like A Star Instruction Manual

Second, print the templates to use with your school.

Then, host the event and have fun!

Fourth, hand out the FREE donated prize vouchers to your winners.

Last, drop me an email and let me know how it went!

For all the templates and details to host your own school event, download my FREE Write Like a Star Instruction Manual to use with your students.

In it you’ll find everything you need to get you started including a planning checklist, flyer template and printable certificates all completely FREE.

I will also donate the prizes for FREE ! Prize vouchers are included in the Write Like A Star Instruction Manual and have links to a FREE eBook on writing AND a FREE print-at-home illustration.

Raise the stakes with your budding authors and illustrators and give them a chance to rise to a challenge.

Host your own Write Like A Star Writing Competition.

Happy joy-chasing! x

Get the FREE templates here:…struction-manual/ ‎

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