So why bees?

by Kay
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Hello fellow joy chasers!

I spend a lot of time drawing and painting cats. They are my spirit animals, and in them I see the qualities I’d like to have more of. But it’s much harder to see and embrace yourself as you really are right now. You’d have to ask “what are the qualities I ALREADY possess?” and be honest  when you answer. 

So if I’m not already a cat, what would I be? 

I was looking, not for my spirit animal, but my soul animal.

Well today I found mine!

My beloved Western Australia has recently been wracked with bush fires with all the casualties and tragedies you’d expect there to be, but one I did not expect was the bee population. Many hives have been lost and thousands of bees have perished and not only did my heart break for them, I recognised myself in them!

Bees! The unsung heroes of our food chain! They go about their day everyday working hard for the good of the hive, performing essential acts of pollination, never complaining of being too tired and expert at what they do. Efficient, organised, capable, careful and an essential cog in the bigger beautiful picture, but totally ill-equipped to deal with escaping a wild fire…

I love that so much can depend on the selfless acts of such a small creature and I’m reminded again how the smallest things can have the most lasting effects. As a teacher and parent I constantly see the positive outcomes of selfless acts and I see each of us as one of those essential bees quietly going about being awesome!

I wanted to celebrate the awesomeness of those, like me, whose soul animal is the bee AND I wanted to help all those victims of the West Australian bush fires. 

So for everyone like me, making small differences for big change, I pledge to donate 10% of sales on all my Bee Me, Bee You series to Bush Fire Relief!


I have created an awesome FREE teaching resource for all my subscribers based on my Bee Me, Bee You artwork series for you to download and spread the joy!

I hope you’ll bee a bushfire hero and join me!

chasingthejoy x

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