The Characters

Meet Winsome and his friends
by chasingthejoy

True friends are worth their weight in gold! Here are some of Winsome's friends!

The Hero -Winsome-

Winsome’s special talent is being able to make fun out of anything! He takes joy in simple pleasures.

Winsome is always the central character! He is fearless, clever, kind, patient, creative and impishly loveable.

You just never know what Winsome will get up to next, nor whom he will meet along the way!

The Cats


Lloyd is probably Winsome’s best friend. Patient and tolerant, when Winsome gets stuck it’s Lloyd who helps him out.


Biscuit is a bit of a fraidy-puss! Kind and gentle but very nervous, so of course, Winsome comes to his resuce.


Custard is a somewhat lazy, overly cuddly ginger who believes in his own comfort. He has a love hate relationship with Winsome!

The Others


Mighty is a chihuahua who sometimes comes to stay! Full of energy and enthusiasm, the cats find him hard to tolerate but to Winsome he is an ally.


Unlike this family’s reputation, Pivot and Quiver (the spiders) are not scary, though Pivot likes to make Biscuit very nervous!


The bunnies are always interested in what Winsome is doing even if they don’t understand it!


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